Humanist School Visitor Training now open to HSS Members

Being an HSS School Visitor is a great way to get more involved, and help to educate young people about humanism. This half-day training course will enable you to join our network of trained school visitors.

Being an HSS School Visitor is a voluntary role and it is very flexible, it’s completely up to you how much, or how little, time you are able to give.

HSS School Visitors take part in RME (Religious and Moral Education) lessons at the invitation of teachers, and help to demonstrate how non-religious ethics, such as Humanism, can be applied in the real world.

As an HSS School Visitor you can expect to get requests from schools, youth clubs and other groups to participate in classes, group discussions and debates. You will have support from the HSS staff team as well as the network of other school visitors across Scotland.

All HSS school visitors should be paid-up members of the Society, or prepared to become a member during the training.

You can now register for either of the training days:

We hope to have more training days available in other parts of  Scotland in the coming months.

The Enlighten Up campaign is an initiative of Humanist Society Scotland which aims to promote a fair and inclusive education system where pupils and teachers are not discriminated against because of their religion or belief.
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