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Enlighten Up

The Enlighten Up campaign is an initiative of Humanist Society Scotland which aims to promote a fair and inclusive education system where pupils and teachers are not discriminated against because of their religion or belief.

Why is this important?

Currently all Scottish councils are required to appoint three religious representatives to their education committees. These religious representatives are unelected and unaccountable.

Current practice in religious and moral education varies from area to area, and from urban and rural settings. It’s important that all pupils receive equal and comprehensive schooling, regardless of where they live or the religion of their parents.

In order to challenge prejudice and ignorance it is important that children learn about the values and beliefs which inform the world around us. A crucial part of this is high-quality and inclusive Religious and Moral Education which teaches children how to think, not what to think.

Inclusive education offers an opportunity for children from different backgrounds to learn and socialise together, breaking down the barriers that divide us and promoting social cohesion.

Senior pupils in Scotland are able to have their say on the future of their community by voting in local and Scottish Parliamentary elections; it is only right that they are allowed to make decisions relating to their own education.


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